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 Resume/cv Richard Metz


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Richard Metz
910 bent lane
Erdenheim, PA 19038

Selected Exhibitions

Awbury Arboretum Phila.PA
2018, One person show, paintings

Cellini Gallery Ambler, PA
2018, Two person show, paintings

Confluence Gallery and Art Center Twisp, WA
2017, “Walking on the Wild Edge" group show, prints

Media Art Center Media, PA
2017, Fresh Hues group painting show

Contemporary Art International Acton, MA
2016, Solo Show, prints and paintings

Jed Williams Gallery, Phila.PA
2015, group show, prints

Ghost Gallery Seattle WA.
2015-16, Group show, prints

Allens Lane Art Center, Phila. Pa
2014, solo show, prints

Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
2013, group show, Process and Place exhibition, painting and print

O.U.R. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2011, three person show, paintings and sculpture

William Penn Foundation, Phila. PA
2010-2011, Artists We Admire, group show, paintings

Nichols Berg Gallery, Phila. PA   
2010, four person show, prints

Square Peg Artery and Salvage, Phila. PA
2008, one person show, prints and drawings

Curious Matter, Jersey City, NJ
2008, Between Worlds, group show

Tyler School of Art Alumni Painting show, IceBox Gallery Phila. PA
2007, Suspended Desire, Installation of suits and dresses, and performance

Live Arts Fringe Festival, Phila, PA
2006, Free Trade Parade, creative director of 15 suited musical performers/dancers

Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
2006, Suspended Desire, Installation of suits and dresses, and performance

Art in City Hall, Philadelphia, PA
2005, "Contemporary Masks", 2003 "FantasticGarments", group shows

The Traveling Show, Chelsea, New York City
2004, Wandering show of 15 painted suit performers in and out of galleries

Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA
2004, "Used Show", Installation of seven painted suits, group show

Denise Bibro Fine Art, New york City, NY
2003-2004, "Manifestations lll: Form and Function, group show

Borowsky Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2001, "Altered Egos", Installation and Archetypes performance


Awbury Arboretum Phila. PA
  2018, Painted Trees in wooded area and Gardens

Contemporary Art International Acton, MA
  2016, 10 Painted Trees in wooded area

The Rensing Center, Pickens, SC
  2015, Artist residency, tree paintings

Center for Contemporary Art, Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA
  2013, group show and artist residency, Heaven and Earth 5 show, 8 painted trees

Maine College of Art Residency in New Edinburgh, Nova Scotia
  2012, 25 tree paintings in wooded area

Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Port Angeles, WA
  2011,  Art Outside, 10 painted trees in the Webster Woods

Abington Art Center, Abington, PA
  2010 Painted Tree Spirits, stipend to create 12 painted tree creatures in Sculpture Park 2010


Masters of Fine Art, Visual Art
2000, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting
1980, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA


Richard Metz is a Philadelphia based environmentally focused artist. In addition to making prints and paintings based on various flora, he also works in forests, painting directly on trees with non toxic natural pigments. His work seeks to connect viewers to the natural world in a playful, engaging way.


Download CV as a PDF

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