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Performances Richard Metz

Free Trade Parade
New York -Traveling Show
Archetypes Performance
Parade Of Creatures
Three Characters


Parade of Creatures rehearsal ideas:

1. vision - I see the parade as multidimensional.
a. carnivalesque- a kind of transformation of everyday life with costumed participants who can act in a somewhat liberated manner from everyday behavior.
b. a group of individual drummers who pass back and forth between
individual rhythms to group beats.
c. From the crowd , I envision the look of a brightly colored somewhat
dancing group of rhythm makers who inspire onlookers to dance and tap,
themselves. I want the experience of seeing the parade to be amusing, then a slight sense of wonderment, then a kind of following the groove of the musicians.
d. The process of making the music should be as fun as hearing it.
Different structures will have to be placed upon the group to ensure
coherent beats. Members of the group will take turns initiating rhythms, to produce different beats and sounds.The 90 minute performance should reflect the varied backgrounds of the musicians and individuals present.
e. The creatures I see as human like, but not human. Figures from dreams or our imagination. Playfully childlike, seriously dark, and everywhere in-between. The creature represents a desire to expand the possibilities of life today, to  become more, to express and symbolize difference, and to embrace fun.
f.to do this wild thing in public is somewhat daring. to take our personal art out onto the street, to have contact with the public, is personally risky. it takes a kind of courage to be one's wild self in public. What might look ridiculous for one individual to do, I hope will look amazing for a group.

Richard metz 2003


1. vision
2. introductions
3. Waiver ( sign it,return)and legal issues
a. no permit needed, stay on sidewalk
b. must play small drums, not too loud
4. logistics
a. meeting place on august 29th at 6:45
b. route
c. masks/costumes
1. costume workshop
fri 8/2   sat 8/2  my house
august 29th, day of performance costume workshop
if needed,
5. make music

Richard Metz

The Free Trade Parade Press release

Media Contact:
Richard Metz
For Immediate Release  June 15, 2006                                

Collaborative art show marches through Olde City displaying their costumes along with their views on corporate culture.

Philadelphia, PA - The Free Trade Parade, a wandering collaborative art show and performance will present a ritual parody performance that asks the question “Do I want to be a good corporate soldier?” The artist performers will wander south from Second and Vine starting at 7:30 on Friday, September 1.They will gather at 2nd and Market at 8:00 for inspection, then continue to march and misbehave through the streets of Olde City.
This is the third perfomance by Richard Metz, a Philadelphia area artist. 
“Creating collaborative street performances has allowed me to have fun working with other artists,  and to take my art directly to the public without the barrier of an art gallery.” His performance The Parade of Creatures: A Peripatetic Percussive Ensemble was part of the 2003 Fringe Festival. In The Traveling Show in 2004, Richard and twelve friends wore suitjackets painted with his creature images and staged impromtu exhibitions throughout the Chelsea Art district in New York City.
The Free Trade Parade combines his interest in progressive politics, collaborative art and interactive performance. Chris Dippilito, leader of the band Agent Moosehead will coordinate the musical accompaniment with choreographic support from Cecilia Dougherty. The show depends heavily on the creative participation of an energetic and talented group of  20 artist performers, whose suit designs and antics provide personal interpretations of corporate control in their lives.

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